Land Management

Lisa has expanded into management of Conservancy lands.  She has enjoyed learning about invasive species management, prescribed burning, fund raising, etc. 



Lisa leading the prescribed burn of the Sunnyside Conservancy property, April 2016.

Battling invasive species in WI is an unending process.

The photo at right shows forestry mowing of buckthorn in the Green Lake Conservancy through a grant from US Fish and Wildlife obtained by Lisa.

The map above shows the current location of various invasive species on the Winnebago Trail Conservancy Property created by Lisa to monitor removal progress.

Removal of invasive species such as buckthorn, oriental bittersweet, and wild parsnip from natual areas is a major issue in WI.  Lisa is very passionate about this issue.

The mowing of wild parsnip from the front entrance of the Sunnyside Conservancy just prior to parsnip seed maturity.